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Richard G. Majer

Richard G. Majer lives in Southeastern Virginia. He is seimi-retired and enjoys gardening, saltwater fishing, and managing his real estate holdings. During his over thirty-five years in rental real estate, he has had fun acquiring and developing real estate and learning the correct rental real estate management process and now wants to share it with you.

About the Book

Have you considered getting into real estate?
Or perhaps you already own real estate, but want to learn to better manage the property and make more money. If so, Winning in Rental Real Estate Investment and Management is for you.

Owning real estate can seem like a guaranteed path to wealth, but be prepared: this is not a “get rich quick” manual. This is a straight-shooting how to view of rental real estate management and what it takes to successfully rent property in today’s economy. Author Richard G. Majer has over thirty-five years of rental real estate experience, during which his business has survived wild swings in the US economy. You will learn from his experiences, both good and bad, on topics including:

  • Acquiring Property
  • How to Ren your Rental Real Estate Units
  • Evicting tenants if they become "bad tenants"
  • Financing
  • Collecting all of the rent and fees that are due
  • Implementing procedures to save money
  • Common Sense of Rental Real Estate Management
  • Legal Considerations
  • Accounting: reports and taxes
  • The Nine Simple Rules of Rental Real Estate Management
  • Sample lease and more

Winning in Rental Real Estate Investment and Management will show you why real estate ownership is the guaranteed (almost) way to wealth and independence.


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He is currently working on a second book.


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